Thursday, March 1, 2018

From Sweats to Fashion Blogger

I have sat here staring at a blank blog post page for about 30 minutes trying to think about what it is exactly that I want to say and how I want to say it when it comes to my journey with fashion and beauty.  Believe it or not I wasn't at all very fashionable growing up and I didn't really have a clue about makeup until after college.  Luckily for me I didn't feel I had many issues fitting in throughout high school and it was socially acceptable to wear sweatpants most days with your hair in a messy bun, at least it was with me and my friends.  That carried through to college too.  I don't think I ever  dressed up for classes and I only ever wore make up for cheerleading events or parties.  

  I didn't have a mom who bought designer things, much less knew anything about them.  We didn't live in a big fancy house and I certainly don't come from money so most of what I have learned about style and beauty came from my peers and co-workers as I entered into adulthood.  I remember the first time I went to a MAC store with a fellow waitress friend.  She was raving about how great their eyeshadows were so I went and spent lots of money that day.  The brushes were amazing, my eyeshadow wasn't caking and creasing and it actually stayed on all night long.  I could not believe I had spent 22 years of my life living without MAC eyeshadow!  

Somewhere along the way I began to get hooked on a lot of prestige brand make ups and designer clothing and accessories.  Now that I am older and wiser I am much smarter about where to spend vs save with luxury brands.  I firmly believe you can look amazing in anything no matter the cost!  

With age also comes confidence.  During this week as I listened to the 3 other women tell their stories we all shared one common characteristic trait: confidence.  I can certainly say I lacked a whole lot of self confidence for the greater part of my life. I spent so many years on yo-yo diets and crazy work out plans.  The irony for me is when I stopped counting calories and getting on the scale everyday the better I started to feel on the inside and the outside.  

With that new found confidence I started to have fun with my wardrobe, especially my work attire.  Let's face it, office work wear can be so boring but I found ways to mix it up.  I slowly started being the go to for my friends on how to style an outfit and where to shop the best deals.  It felt really great and still feels really great to be able to help other women find clothing that makes them feel like a million bucks.  When you feel good on the outside you can't help but feel better on the inside.  I also firmly believe when you dress for your day you are far more productive.  

My real thought on beauty now a days is the fact that I hate the stigma that putting in effort on your exterior makes you vain.  Who are we to judge what makes someone else feel good about themselves?  They are the ones who have to get up each day and look at themselves in the mirror and love what they see (and I am not just talk what they see externally).  I'll be the first to tell you that if you aren't happy no amount of makeup, botox or pretty handbags will be able to fix that.  You do need to have self care built into your daily life.  You have to find the things that bring you joy and approach each day with a positive mindset.  These are all life lessons that have taken me 30+ years to learn myself so don't worry we are all still works in progress.  

And to all of you mamas out there, don't forget being a mom does not have to change the clothes you love to wear.  I am struggling with this on daily myself but I hope that by putting this out into the universe it will help me get over my thinking that being a mom means I can't still feel a little sexy from time to time.   I don't need to cover up just because I brought a human into this world.  I have to stop worrying about all the mom-shamming that is happening and just rock the clothes I love to wear no matter the length of my shorts :)  At the end of the day we all just need to be our own authentic selves so we can truly love the skin were in.