Thursday, November 16, 2017

Gift Guide: Kitchen Must Haves

1)  Cookware
3)  Knife Set  
7)  Yeti

Hello and Happy Thursday!  I am currently writing this post with Max facing forward, staring at the screen from the comfort of his baby carrier while I'm standing at the kitchen table.   This is literally the only way I can get anything done while he's awake and I am not even sure this will last very long.  

Anywho, here are some kitchen gift options that I am loving.    I have found that gift guides tend to be things that I actually want (neeeeeeed) or already own and love  Also, most of these gifts are from Macy's and are already on sale with an additional 10-20% OFF!   

We have this knife set and it is LEGIT so I highly recommend it for anyone in the market for a new set.

The Nspresso is on my Christmas list. I have to have it!!  I recently started using our Keurig again because it is 100% easier in the mornings with Max.  However, I have turned into a bit of a coffee snob and hear the Nspresso is life changing! 

I firmly believe everyone should own a Yeti so go ahead and get it for every adult on your list! (only slightly kidding)

Happy Shopping!