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My Baby Must Haves

It was requested that I do a baby registry post and more importantly a post on what I love and can't live without for me and Max.  This is a long one, but hopefully for all you expecting mama's out there it's useful.  As most of you know every baby is different so what works for us might not necessary work for you but nonetheless here is a list of the things we like.  

I also want to mention that I used Baby List for our registry.  It allows your friends and family to hold an item, buy it from any store or website, then mark it as bought.  Instead of people having to go to one specific store they can shop where they are comfortable or find the best deals. 

For all my military moms, Tricare will pay for your pump!

I tried several, this worked best for me

Nursing Tanks
These ended up being my go to around the house under cardigan sweaters 

Nursing Bra 
I liked that these still felt like a normal bra to me 

Don't ask. Just get it :) 

Boppy Pillow
I don't use this as much now but I used it everyday the first few weeks while nursing.  Now we use it more for tummy time.  
Boppy Cover 
I loved this design that went with Max's nursery decor

I am super happy that the backpack diaper bag is the latest trend because honestly, it is so much easier to wear a backpack.  Here are a few others I think as super cute:   
Rosie Pope 

I honestly don't baby wear as much as I thought I would.  Maybe it's because it's summer time and the skin to skin just makes me too hot.  That being said, I do really like this wrap.  It's not only cute but it does make me feel like Max is very secure.  It takes some practice but is easy once you get the hang of it.  I will say we will likely get an Ergo Carrier and use it when it gets a bit cooler here.   

I wanted a stroller that could one day transition for a second baby.  I love this system and it has been great for us so far.  I will likely buy another, smaller stroller once he transtions out of his infant car seat for traveling purposes but I do highly recommend this stroller.

Stroller Organizer  
This has made my life a bit easier having a place for my phone, car keys and grande drinks

It's lightweight and easy to use.  Just watch some youtube videos and you are good to go!

one for Drew and one for me
I love all the prints and patterns and could seriously buy a ton of these!  They're fun and I'll be honest I was crazy about people getting too close to Max the first 8 weeks of his life.  I never took him in public uncovered (yep, crazy mom over here!)

Convertible Car Seat  
Obviously I can't comment on whether I like this car seat yet or not but this is the one we went with after tons of research.  

hands down, he loves this thing!

Activity Gym 
He likes this too but the piano is smaller and easier to move around

Lots of Baby Books
I didn't realize how much I would want a ton of books.  We read to him every night and although he doesn't know the difference, we tend to get bored.  I wish I had 50 books and at $5-$10 a book it can add but.  Definetly as for books!  I love these by Nancy Tillman 

Spiral Toy 
I  just purchased this to hang on Max's cars seat for shopping, walks and in car rides.  He is at the age where he needs some more visual stimulation even though he tends to sleep most of the time in his car seat.  

Floor Seat 
This is another item that I don't yet have but comes highly recommended by lots of moms I know so it's currently in my "save for later" cart.   

Hands down one of my biggest must haves.  We opted to put Max in his crib the first week we brought him home.  He sleeps in this every nights and I have complete peace of mind.  Also, I can take it into my bedroom, bathroom and living room when I want him to nap while I get stuff done.  I even traveled with it to Pennsylvania when I left due to hurricane Irma. 

Another must have item. He takes a ton of naps in this thing and it is lightweight so it easily moves from room to room when necessary.  Some moms I know use this in their room in place of a bassinet. 

The bigger he gets, the more he enjoys his mamaroo.  He will soon outgrow the Rock N Play so this will get used even more during nap times. 
Infant Insert  
for your Mamaroo 

Max hated being swaddled initially, at least we thought so.  It was such a struggle each night so we just stopped.  But we started back up again when he was about 6 weeks old and he sleeps comfortably in these swaddles.  

I am a big fan of this system.  You can download the app and see your baby from any of your devices.  We both have it on our phones and it will ding whenever there is any movement.  Also, with Drew being away so much right now he can literally see into our nursery whenever he wants.  You just can't put a price tag on that.  I did add a audio only monitor to his room as well for when we sleep because I needed something loud that would wake us.  This one has been great and it's only $20.  

Muslin Swaddles 
We use these for practically everything.  Nap time, cuddle time, while shopping in the stroller, photo shoots and even for spit ups.  I don't think you can have too many swaddles. 

I didn't want to stock up on a ton of bottles for fear he wouldn't take to them and we would have to try a few brands.  He took to these right away when we started to bottle feed.   

I didn't think these things were going to be worth it, but I was wrong.  I use it every single day and its a must have for me! 

Truth: I have the OXO bottle brush and my in-laws have the Dr. Brown's.  I like the Dr. Browns better! I should just order it but I guess I feel bad since I already have the OXO.  (silly I know!)  

I personally do not own this but I hear amazing things from those moms who do.  If I were formula feeding, this would be on my must list!


Yep, I know it's $18 and ridiculous but we really like it and he hasn't had dry skin much since he has been born.  

We only have one of these because let's face it, they're $21 but out of all the other towels we have this one is my favorite.  It is really soft and washes well.

We use these lotions post bath time or when needed: 

Pampers Swaddlers
 Diapers are super personal and people have so many preferences but we have been happy with these

We started out using the Pampers Sensitive wipes but didn't love them because they were hard to get out of the wrapping and they did cause minor diaper rash.  Once we switched, no more diaper rash and much easier to take out of the packaging.  

Diaper Rash Cream 
LOVE and swear by this even though we don't need it much since switching wipes

Diaper Ubbi 
We do all of Max's diaper changes in his nursery so the Ubbi is a must for us for disposing and keeping odors away.   

These are super affordable and great for new babies.  It's true what they say, you really don't want to mess with buttons during nighttime diaper changes.  Stick with sleepers with zippers instead and I recommend having 6-8 in each size.  Blow outs happen and sometimes you just don't want to do the baby laundry more then once a week :)

I keep all the onsies, sleepers, leggings, shorts, socks, hats, swaddles, etc in the dresser but for Max's nicer/dressier clothes I hang them up.  These hangers are perfect.

Drawer Organizers
Organization is important to me, especially when it comes to all things for baby so I orders these drawer organizers as well as these.     

Miscellaneous Products
Baby Apps
White Noise, Moms on Call Scheduler and The Wonder Weeks   
Moms on call is also a book and I recommend you check it out.  If you opt out of the scheduling (we haven't been able to get Max to follow a strict schedule) it still has some great information on things you need and how to care for your baby.   

I find myself checking Max's temperature a few times a week and this thermometer is quick and easy


As always leave me your questions and comments below or feel free to email me at!

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