Friday, March 3, 2017

17 Week Bumpdate

Hello Friends!  Remember me?  I refuse to think that I have not had a blog post since early December.  But the reality is the news of our baby turned my world upside down (in the best way possible of course).  Most of you know at this point from my other social media outlets that Drew and I are currently expecting our first baby in early August.   I thought it would be fun to give you a update on my pregnancy thus far.  Please note that I am going to be 100% truthful in the things that I write. Being new to this is terrifying so if I can help anyone else who might be going through some of what I am then I feel that a post like this is worth it. 

How I Found Out
 It was early in December and I remember I just kind of felt different and according to my app I was officially 5 days "late."  Without being TMI this isn't exactly a surprise to me because I am really unpredictable in that department.  I decided to wait until day 6 to take a test.  Drew was away in Greece for work at the time so I was home alone with the dogs.  I actually had tests already at the house because again, I just never quite know, so I grabbed one and waited.  But honestly I already knew.  There was just something inside of me that knew that test would be positive. When I picked it up and saw two lines instead of one, I cried like a baby.  It's been an emotional roller coaster when its come to deciding or not deciding to start a family and I was at a point that I felt I might not be able to have a child on my own.  My initial thought was to call Drew but then I decided it was something I preferred to do in person.  He wasn't scheduled to come home for another week so the waiting began.

How I Told Drew
I had this perfect plan of how I would tell him once he returned home, but my first trip to the doctor changed all of that.  I called and went in the next day to do the primary blood work to establish the pregnancy.  The next day they called me to let me know that I was in fact pregnant, that I wasn't as far along as my last period had indicated (which I already knew because of my irregular cycle) and that my progesterone levels were fairly low so they were prescribing me progesterone that I had to take twice a day until week 10.   I didn't exactly know what that meant and frankly the nurse wasn't very helpful over the phone so I did what any normal person would do, I googled it.  HUGE MISTAKE!  I basically had myself convinced I was going to miscarry and in hysterics I called up Drew via facetime at 10:00pm Greece time and started blabbering and spilling the beans.   He literally was beaming while I insisted something was wrong and he did what he does best, reassured me and talked me off the ledge.  I couldn't wait for him to get home so that we could start walking this journey together.  
If anyone gets this kind of news about progesterone just try to relax and know that everything will be just fine.  My doctor was just being overly cautious but promised that she had little concerns after our first ultrasound where they were able to establish a heartbeat.  Drew and I both were so relieved after that appointment because we knew that everything looked perfect and finding a heartbeat at 6 weeks was wonderful news. 

How We Told Our Family
I was on the fence about telling our family too early but we were heading home for 2.5 weeks at Christmas and I knew there was no way I would be able to keep this from them.  Especially when my father in law instinctively places a glass of wine in front of me at every meal :)  We got cards together and tapped a picture of our very first ultrasound inside (our baby was literally the size of rice in the picture and I laugh when I think back to how crazy that must have looked).  Drew's family found out first a few days before Christmas and needless to say they were very excited to have their first grandchild/niece or nephew.  We waited until Christmas Day to tell my family.  We then preached and preached about them not telling anyone until we did and until after the first trimester.  I was just really nervous about telling too many people too early.  At that time we were only 7 weeks along. 

My First Trimester
I was tired and I was sick often.  Some days I would get sick 3-4 times a day.  I was having to eat every 1.5-2 hours to try and keep the nausea to a minimum.  I lived on carbs, wanted little to do with vegetables or sweets and went through a period where I lived for Kraft Mac & Cheese from the blue box.  My sickness started to kick in around week 7 and stayed strong until week 14.  For whatever reason I would get sick most at night and kept Ritz crackers on my night stand! 

We had our first genetic screening at week 12 and were in awe of the baby that was up on the screen.  Literally Drew was geeking out because he thought the whole thing was so cool, lol.  They needed the baby to be on its back to get certain measurements but of course baby wasn't cooperating so they had me drink OJ, came back 10 minutes later and magically baby was on its back!  We could literally see it sucking up the orange juice I had just been drinking.  I guess Drew was right, it was pretty cool :)

How I am Feeling Now
I think I can finally say that I am starting to feel more myself.  I will still wake up in the morning feeling a little queasy and every few days I will still get sick but all in all I am starting to be better at life!  I haven't gained much weight yet, maybe 6 lbs and my bump is still fairly small in my opinion.  I can wear some of my pants and shorts so long as I use a hair tie but I just recently bought my first pair of maternity JEANS and SHORTS and I LOVE them.   I wake up 2-3 times a night to use the bathroom, I never knew I could pee this much!  I have the craziest dreams each night and I really need to buy new bras because all of mine don't actually fit me anymore.  

We have another appointment on Tuesday for more scans and we will know the gender at that appointment.  I was convinced that I would wait until I delivered to find out the sex but around week 10 that all changed.  We will get the envelope and wait until next weekend to find out.

I look forward to sharing more of this journey with all of you and can't wait to show you how I style my new bump!  

DRESS: non-maternity and a fav! (old) but this seasons version HERE

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