Friday, November 4, 2016

Dressing for a Fall Wedding

Hello and Happy Happy Friday!  Today's post is all about what to wear for a fall/winter weddings this season.  I personally love a cocktail dress with sleeves.  It's practical for the cooler temperatures and lets be honest, it hides the lack of tan this time of year!  This dress is navy so I opted to pair it with a classic nude pump and bag to match.  I love the gold detail on this chain which is also why I decided to pair it with gold jewelry.  I ran out to Charming Charlie for these adorable earrings and bracelet. Below I talk about my experience with Rent the Runway

DRESS: Rent the Runway  SHOES: Christian Louboutin (old) similar and more affordable here HANDBAG: (old) similar styles here and here EARRINGS: Charming Charlie (exact not online) BRACELET: Charming Charlie (gold not online) EYESHADOWS: Urban Decay Naked Smoky LIPCOLOR: Kylie Cosmetics (koko) 

This is the third time I have rented from Rent the Runway and the first time I had any issues.  I always read the reviews thoroughly because they give me the best idea of the fit for each dress.  This particular one says to size up but that the material had some stretch.  Anytime I see a dress with some give I know that I can typically go with my normal size (4) or possibly even size down.  I went ahead an ordered the size 4 as my primary size and the 2 as my backup.   The dress was scheduled to arrive on Wednesday but showed up on Tuesday.  This was a little unusual but I wasn't worried about that.  I immediately tried on the dresses when they arrived, the size 4 first.  Everything was going great and it fit perfectly!   Then I looked at my arm and saw two small holes on the right sleeve seams.  Honestly my first thought was, I'll call them, tell them that I went ahead and sewed them up myself but wanted record of the damage... but then I looked down on my right leg and there was the biggest hole ever on the seam!  There was no way I could possibly fix that one myself.  I could't believe they had sent me a dress in such disarray.  I turned to the 2 size and prayed.  I couldn't zip it solo so I called them to tell them that it didn't fit.  They told me to go online and find a new dress and they would overnight it to me.   However the site wasn't matching what they actually had available and I didn't see anything I liked.  I waited for Drew to get home and he was able to zip me up!  I can honestly say that it did "fit" but I was worried about sitting and eating! (the things we do for beauty)  Everything turned out fine in the end but I was disappointed with my experience this time around.  I still recommend them  because I rarely will wear the same dress twice so this is the best compromise of finding something to wear that would typically be out of my budget.  I am hoping this one time was just some random occurrence and that next time around I get the typical RTR experience that I am used to.

Side note: I did not actually wear this to a wedding, rather a military function but it is exactly what I would wear this time of year to any kind of event that requires cocktail attire.

If you have any specific questions please let me know and I will gladly answer those for you!   Have fabulous weekend!!


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