Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Work Wear Wednesday: Layering a Knit Dress

Similar DRESS: here love this one from Express  TURTLENECK: mine is old from Old Navy but love these Gap Outlet ones  SHOES: also old from Aldo but tried on an d love these snake print ones, similar styles herehere and here NECKLACE: similar here LIPSTICK: MAC Flat Out Fabulous HANDBAG: love this Michael Kors tote option

Hey there and Happy Wednesday!  This weeks "Work Wear Wednesday" edition is all about layering a simple dress to make it more fun for work and warmer for fall temperatures.  As usual, most of the items I am wearing are "old" but I found some cute options for you linked above and below in the widgets.  (yes that's what we bloggers call those little images on the bottom of each post!)  Can we talk about how easy this look really is to achieve?  And it doesn't have to be a form fitting dress it can be one thats fitted at the top and A-lines out.  It can be one that already has a loose cowl neck at the top and you do a double turtleneck type look.  As long as the turtleneck is thin and fitted that you layer underneath, it will work great under a lot of dress styles!  I added a fun necklace because the neckline is a little lower here and needed some personality.  I also love adding necklaces to work outfits because it instantly gives any outfit some pizazz.  Even if I don't wear a ton of statement pieces with my casual clothes as much these days, I will still always love them for work looks.  

Here is a little life update for those who care :)  

 I got back in from North Carolina late Monday afternoon and quite honestly the trip left me exhausted.  The reason I was in NC is because I am the former program director of an All Star Cheerleading Program called Cheer Extreme Hampton Roads. It is one of 10 locations in the US and each year they do a Showcase for their friends and family in Winston-Salem.  It's a way to get together and support one another and debut each routine before the competition season officially kicks off.  It is a lot of fun and quite honestly I miss the crap out of my coach friends, athletes and even the parents. I spent a lot of time, love, energy, sweat, tears and hard work there.  I put so much of me into that little gym and I didn't want to walk away from that.  It was hands down the hardest part about having to leave VA after 6 years.  This time away from them has opened my eyes to just how much being a coach means to me and that I wish I would have savored more of those moments when I had the chance.  I was making positive impacts on the lives of children each day which is priceless considering the world we are living in these days.  And maybe, just maybe after seeing the excitement on their faces when they saw me this past weekend, maybe I'm even convinced that I will be an okay mom one day after all.  I only got them for a few hours a week and I was stressed about them throughout my days.  I can't even fathom that feeling once you actually have your own!   And random side note but this dress was actually bought to wear to one of their awards banquets a few years back because their colors are teal, black and white :) I think it is pretty appropriate for todays post and how I am feeling about my time I spent with them recently.  

Today's also our 4th Wedding Anniversary but Drew's currently in Africa and has no access to phone or internet today so sadly I won't get to talk to him.  BUT I will give him a little shout out because I am sure he will see this once he gets back to land on Friday.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY boo boo, I will see you soon!  <3

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