Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Part 1: Dressing Room Chronicles

Hello Lovelies!   I am so happy that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is finally here and that it has taken me out of my non-exist blogging slump (at least temporarily).  If you follow any kind of style/fashion blogger then I am positive that you have heard a ton about this sale already and that you likely have seen a lot of these pieces already floating around your instagram stories and feeds.  But that isn't going to stop me from putting in my two cents on this awesome sale!

What I love most about this sale each year is the fall boots and booties, jeans and wardrobe staples.  Not to mention any beauty products that I currently use that I might be able to snag for a discounted price.  

Last year I was new to Florida when this fall sale came rolling around and wasn't exactly sure what winter would be like here.  Needless to say my fall style is much different these days, so the sale overall isn't as exciting as it typically is, not to mention I am toting around this 36 week baby bump.  It is hard to buy bottoms right now because I don't want to commit to a size.   I am trying not to put that kind of pressure on myself postpartum. 

 ALSO my Nordstrom kind of stunk with inventory so I was fairly limited on some of the things I wanted to actually try on to show you.   

 (don't mind the teal sports bra! #pregnacycomfort)
 Lush Tee $16 (wearing a medium with my bump, would buy medium for a looser look without my bump)

Halogen version for $20

Pre-pregnancy size 27, wearing 29 
 I can't rave about these enough.  They were so comfortable and so worth it!  I do have short legs so unfortunately the raw edge is hard to see but literally, I'd cut them myself because the effect is the same 

Articles of Society black denim $38
AG Denim (a wardrobe staple) $150

Two by Vince Camuto Sleeveless Sweater Tank $46
size info: they only had petites in store, this is a Small P,  I'd say this runs fairly large

 LEITH dress $36 
(wearing a small here but medium fit better with the bump)

 Leith dress styled with this BP cardigan $32
(wearing a small)

(BP cardigan styled again here) 

honestly loved this way more then expected, wearing a Small

BP Moto Leggings $26
another pleasant surprise.  needs to be worn with longer tunics but a steal!  wearing a large here, I'd purchase a medium if not pregnant meaning I'd size up from usual size

I bought a medium but would go for a small if not preggo.  I typically roll my eyes at more expensive pajamas but these were so comfy and I am about to have a baby.  Will pack them in my hospital bag!

Vince Camuto Francia Bootie $99 
(my favorite bootie of them all)

Vince Camuto Karinta Bootie $99
perfect transition bootie from summer to fall, definitely warmer weather friendly!

Vince Camuto Fileana Bootie $99
this gray color was beautiful in person
Halogen Corbin Slide Loafer $60
Leoard version here
just do it, buy them.  i liked that they had a thicker sole then the BP style
Okay, that's all for now!  Tomorrow I will link my favorites in each category: beauty, baby, active wear, sweaters, jewelry, etc.  
Happy Shopping!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Instagram Round Up

 Top:  Old Navy Bottoms: (maternity) Old Navy Sandals: Tory Burch (similiar)

 Wedges: Marc Fisher super similar $60 version here   Denim: American Eagle (similar) Watch: Michael Kors  Bracelet: David Yurman 

Top: thrifted but LOVE THIS  Shorts: (maternity & a fav) Old Navy  Wedges: (old) Michael Kors  Crossbody: (old) Similar  Watch:  Michael Kors 

 Necklace: The Styled Collection  Tank: (old) Express  Denim: (old) American Eagle  Sandals: Target (similar)

 Dress:  Ross but found THIS cute one  Sandals: Stuart Weitzman  Clutch: Michael Kors (similar) 

 Top: (Ross) OBSESSED with this from LuLu's  Crossbody:(old) but $23 version Forever21 Choker:   Express

 Dress: (ross) similar here and here   Sandals: Michael Kors (similar)  Sunglasses: Michael Kors 

 Jacket: Hinge (different color)   Tank: (maternity) Old Navy  Denim: AG  Sneakers: Adidas (run large)

Dress: (similar) Socialite 

Hello hello!   Here is a long overdue post on actual outfits!  I wanted to kick things off with an IG roundup since most of my outfits have been posted there in the recent weeks.  

I have also been getting questions about maternity outfits and figured I would disclose some details on this.  I have only bought a few maternity pieces,  (all from Old Navy) two basic tanks in black & white, two pairs of denim shorts in the same style just two different colors and a pair of white denim.   I can say that I do not love anything with a full panel and prefer the types of bottoms with the panel inserts.  If I wear jeans I still use the rubber band trick with longer tops.  I also recently bought a few dresses that were shifty and opted to size up to give myself some room to grow.  I think this will be my go to maternity mindset for a while.  I just don't seem to love many actual maternity clothes and I think sometimes they are overpriced!  If I ever wear anything I will state if it's maternity to clarify.  

I have also been in full on baby mode and can't wait to share more details on all of his clothes and nursery items.  I will eventually do a registry post and plan on posting things that I love and don't love along the way for all of my mama friends out there!   I do still want to stick to my traditional style of posting which are outfits for women but since I am spending a bulk of my money on stuff for Baby Somp, I want to include those things as well :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, March 3, 2017

17 Week Bumpdate

Hello Friends!  Remember me?  I refuse to think that I have not had a blog post since early December.  But the reality is the news of our baby turned my world upside down (in the best way possible of course).  Most of you know at this point from my other social media outlets that Drew and I are currently expecting our first baby in early August.   I thought it would be fun to give you a update on my pregnancy thus far.  Please note that I am going to be 100% truthful in the things that I write. Being new to this is terrifying so if I can help anyone else who might be going through some of what I am then I feel that a post like this is worth it. 

How I Found Out
 It was early in December and I remember I just kind of felt different and according to my app I was officially 5 days "late."  Without being TMI this isn't exactly a surprise to me because I am really unpredictable in that department.  I decided to wait until day 6 to take a test.  Drew was away in Greece for work at the time so I was home alone with the dogs.  I actually had tests already at the house because again, I just never quite know, so I grabbed one and waited.  But honestly I already knew.  There was just something inside of me that knew that test would be positive. When I picked it up and saw two lines instead of one, I cried like a baby.  It's been an emotional roller coaster when its come to deciding or not deciding to start a family and I was at a point that I felt I might not be able to have a child on my own.  My initial thought was to call Drew but then I decided it was something I preferred to do in person.  He wasn't scheduled to come home for another week so the waiting began.

How I Told Drew
I had this perfect plan of how I would tell him once he returned home, but my first trip to the doctor changed all of that.  I called and went in the next day to do the primary blood work to establish the pregnancy.  The next day they called me to let me know that I was in fact pregnant, that I wasn't as far along as my last period had indicated (which I already knew because of my irregular cycle) and that my progesterone levels were fairly low so they were prescribing me progesterone that I had to take twice a day until week 10.   I didn't exactly know what that meant and frankly the nurse wasn't very helpful over the phone so I did what any normal person would do, I googled it.  HUGE MISTAKE!  I basically had myself convinced I was going to miscarry and in hysterics I called up Drew via facetime at 10:00pm Greece time and started blabbering and spilling the beans.   He literally was beaming while I insisted something was wrong and he did what he does best, reassured me and talked me off the ledge.  I couldn't wait for him to get home so that we could start walking this journey together.  
If anyone gets this kind of news about progesterone just try to relax and know that everything will be just fine.  My doctor was just being overly cautious but promised that she had little concerns after our first ultrasound where they were able to establish a heartbeat.  Drew and I both were so relieved after that appointment because we knew that everything looked perfect and finding a heartbeat at 6 weeks was wonderful news. 

How We Told Our Family
I was on the fence about telling our family too early but we were heading home for 2.5 weeks at Christmas and I knew there was no way I would be able to keep this from them.  Especially when my father in law instinctively places a glass of wine in front of me at every meal :)  We got cards together and tapped a picture of our very first ultrasound inside (our baby was literally the size of rice in the picture and I laugh when I think back to how crazy that must have looked).  Drew's family found out first a few days before Christmas and needless to say they were very excited to have their first grandchild/niece or nephew.  We waited until Christmas Day to tell my family.  We then preached and preached about them not telling anyone until we did and until after the first trimester.  I was just really nervous about telling too many people too early.  At that time we were only 7 weeks along. 

My First Trimester
I was tired and I was sick often.  Some days I would get sick 3-4 times a day.  I was having to eat every 1.5-2 hours to try and keep the nausea to a minimum.  I lived on carbs, wanted little to do with vegetables or sweets and went through a period where I lived for Kraft Mac & Cheese from the blue box.  My sickness started to kick in around week 7 and stayed strong until week 14.  For whatever reason I would get sick most at night and kept Ritz crackers on my night stand! 

We had our first genetic screening at week 12 and were in awe of the baby that was up on the screen.  Literally Drew was geeking out because he thought the whole thing was so cool, lol.  They needed the baby to be on its back to get certain measurements but of course baby wasn't cooperating so they had me drink OJ, came back 10 minutes later and magically baby was on its back!  We could literally see it sucking up the orange juice I had just been drinking.  I guess Drew was right, it was pretty cool :)

How I am Feeling Now
I think I can finally say that I am starting to feel more myself.  I will still wake up in the morning feeling a little queasy and every few days I will still get sick but all in all I am starting to be better at life!  I haven't gained much weight yet, maybe 6 lbs and my bump is still fairly small in my opinion.  I can wear some of my pants and shorts so long as I use a hair tie but I just recently bought my first pair of maternity JEANS and SHORTS and I LOVE them.   I wake up 2-3 times a night to use the bathroom, I never knew I could pee this much!  I have the craziest dreams each night and I really need to buy new bras because all of mine don't actually fit me anymore.  

We have another appointment on Tuesday for more scans and we will know the gender at that appointment.  I was convinced that I would wait until I delivered to find out the sex but around week 10 that all changed.  We will get the envelope and wait until next weekend to find out.

I look forward to sharing more of this journey with all of you and can't wait to show you how I style my new bump!  

DRESS: non-maternity and a fav! (old) but this seasons version HERE

Friday, December 2, 2016

Mad for Plaid

LOOK 1)  PLAID SHIRT (similar, mine is older style) also love these / DENIM (mine are sold out) BOOTS  (mine are last season) BEANIE / RAY-BANS / LIPCOLOR (under $7!) / MICHAEL KORS TOTE (similar)  /  WATCH

LOOK 2)  TURTLENECK (similar) SCARF (similar) DENIM  (mine are super old, love this pair) BOOTS  / HANDBAG (again mine is older but love this style)

Hello friends and a very happy Friday!   I am so excited to announce the winner of my Target Gift Card Giveaway tonight at 9:00pm EST on Facebook Live!!    If you don't follow along with me on Facebook you should!  I post a lot of quick links there of deals I find throughout the week.   Here is a direct link: Sandy Toes & Stilettos Facebook.   

Now let's talk about plaid!!   I have no idea what it is about this time of year but plaid jumps to the top of my wear list.  The easiest way to add some plaid flare to your wardrobe is a simple scarf.  If pattern mixing isn't your thing pair a scarf with a basic outfit- neutral solids that will allow the scarf to be the highlight piece.  I like to throw it on as a "fake cape" like option.  If you want to grab your favorite plaid or flannel shirt try to add some feminine touches.  I love wearing a red lip and over the knee boots.  But really a plaid shirt with your favorite skinny jeans and some pumps is also super cute!   A lighter weight beanie can be great if you are out running errands so you don't feel like you have to take it off when you're inside.   

Two styling facts: if you wear a beanie with sunglasses try to wear them with ones that have a thinner arm. I tend to wear them with aviators because they fit easily under the hat and don't impede with my hair.   Also ANYONE CAN WEAR OVER THE KNEE BOOTS!  Say it with me!   It doesn't matter if you are 20, 30, 55 or 75 yes you can wear them!   My suggestion to friends who are  skeptical is to try on a pair with a thicker, block like heel that aren't high.   This helps give you some lift without it feeling too "sexy."   If you are questioning how you can wear them please contact me and I promise I will help you out!

Good Luck to everyone who entered my giveaway and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How to Dress Holiday Festive in Florida

J.Crew Sleeveless Sweater  /  American Eagle Denim (similar)  /  Jeffrey Campbell (similar, mine are sold out)  /  Necklace (loving this one)  /  similar Crossbody (5 colors under $40!) /  NYX Lip Color  

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday!  I will keep this short and sweet yet again but today's post is dedicated to all of you who are living (or traveling) in warmer weathers this holiday season.  I must say it is a new experience all together for me to see how Christmas is celebrated here.  Palm trees covered in lights, people going to the beach on Thanksgiving Day-- it is absolutely not what this northern transplant is accustomed to!  None the less I am trying so hard to be open minded and soak up all the new experiences coming my way.  

I absolutely love wearing sleeveless sweaters here.  It is the most practical way to wear a sweater :)  These red Jeffrey Campbell sandals come in super handy this time of year.  Nothing says Christmas more than red!  Add some bling and a red lip and you are all set for a laid back holiday look!   You can easily add non-distressed jeans or even faux leather leggings for night since this is more of a tunic style sweater.  Skirts are another great option for warmer temperatures here as well.   

Oh and p.s. my new camera came in the mail yesterday!   I can't wait to play around with all the settings, bluetooth and shutter options.  With Drew being gone, this girl needs to be able to take pictures via her phone from a tripod.  I didn't have that option with our gifted camera so it was time for a technology upgrade.   Here is what I order via Costco: Nikon D3400.  We ordered it when it was $300 off so I feel we got a great deal!  

I hope you have a great Tuesday and that you got tons of shopping done this past weekend!